AFAA Group Fitness Instructor
AAAI Personal Trainer
Hip Hop Hustle
Silver Sneakers
Step Aerobics
For the better part of the last decade, Susie Geib has been at the forefront of group fitness.  Her classes are filled with those desiring to get more than just a workout. They are filled with those looking for a fun, sustainable way to change their lifestyle for the better.  What better way to do this than to workout with one thing in mind…food.  This simple yet different approach simultaneously gives both a delicious reward and a fundamentally different approach toward exercise.  Burn more calories than you consume is a fun and logical way to approach your daily goals.  Eat what you love (in moderation)…just make sure the calories consumed don't outweigh calories burned.  
Susie is trained in many different styles of group fitness to keep the classes interesting.  This website will let you know when and where classes are as well as videos for even more workout drills.  You will also find delicious recipes for you to enjoy as well as great deals on nutritional supplements.  All of this will lead to a fun, healthy and sustainable lifestyle.  Exercise to Eat!