Braised Short Ribs


Anytime when I would go out to eat at a nice restaurant and braised short ribs are on the menu - I ordered it. If you watch Top Chef, when a contestant tries to make either short ribs or a risotto, it will almost always send them home. On the show (I'm obsessed with, can't you tell?) short ribs are known as the "kiss of death" and it will send professional chefs home but not because they're hard to cook but because they never have enough time given to them for the challenge.

And short ribs need time.

Lucky for us, we don't have a time constraint and once we brown the ribs we can chuck them into a slow cooker and let all the flavors seep into the meat and soften it just to the point that it can be cut with a knife, like butter!!!

Sear 3-4 minutes per side so it gets nicely browned.

Sear 3-4 minutes per side so it gets nicely browned.


· 3 lbs short ribs

· salt and pepper

· 1 tbsp canola oil

· 4-5 carrots, chopped

· 4-5 celery stalks, chopped

· 1 large yellow onion, chopped

· 14 oz baby bella mushrooms; sliced (optional)

· 1 can French onion soup

· 2 cans beef broth

· 1 cup red cooking wine


I added mushrooms because I had them in the refrigerator and they would've gone to waste. One of the best things about short rib recipes is you can add or replace most vegetables with ease. 



Season the short ribs with salt and pepper.

In a large skillet over medium-high heat, add the oil.

When the oil is hot, brown the short ribs, in batches, until they are browned on all sides, about 3-4 minutes per side.


Transfer the ribs to a cutting board to rest.


Add carrots, celery, onion and mushrooms* to the skillet. Add red wine and a cup of beef broth and turn the heat to high.  Cook until the broth is reduced by ¼.


Put the vegetables and broth into the slow cooked.  Then place short ribs on top. Add French onion soup.


Cook on low for 6-8 hours or cook on high for 3-4.


Serve over mashed potatoes or grits.



*mushrooms are optional.