Sunny Side Up Eggs on Spinach and Marble Rye


Bored with breakfast? Shake things up a little bit and add buttered spinach to toasted marble rye bread. Scrambled eggs are an easy go-to when you're rushing around in the morning. But if you have a few minutes to spare try to amp up your morning breakfast routine with protein packed spinach. 


Over medium heat melt a tablespoon of butter to a medium sized pan and add a ton of spinach. Spinach shrinks to a quarter of its self once heated so go crazy with your portion! Add a couple pinches of salt and once spinach has wilted, push it to the side of the pan. Next add more butter (optional) and crack two eggs onto the pan. Meanwhile toast marble rye slices in the toaster. Once toast is golden and ready place them on a plate, add spinach followed by gently placing the eggs over spinach. And dig in!

Sunny Side Eggs over Spinach and Marble Rye Toast 😎 

Sunny Side Eggs over Spinach and Marble Rye Toast 😎